Another Outlet

Howdy there folks, got some fun news. Last semester I took a class on radio production as an elective, instructed by an actual radio producer I made a three episode “podcast” on online security. Now personally I don’t think it was my best work, although my professor would say otherwise. But I enjoyed his class so much that this semester I am taking radio production 2. Just a few hours ago I pitched this semesters podcast idea, one that I think I may be a bit more happy with.

I’m calling it, Layman’s Terminals… Title still being work shopped.

Inspired by my conversations with my fellow farmhands I realized that most people really don’t know anything about computers and how they work. So in steps me, someone who knows how to talk to non-techies about complex technical stuff. Frankly, I’m very excited. I’ve had an idea rattling around in my head for a while for a “farmers guide to Linux” sort of thing, and while this project is a lot more general I think the lessons I will learn will be very helpful in making that idea a reality.

As of right now I only have a few topics in mind. * Computer hardware

A metaphor heavy explanation on how the CPU, motherboard, RAM, and all that good stuff actually work. * The Internet

Focusing mostly on TCP/IP side of things, how does data get from my device to a server and visa versa. * Encryption

Dispelling some common myths about encryption and explaining why it is so important.

If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them, just remember this is aimed towards non-techy people so overloading them FOSS and the like is probably not the best idea. Let’s make sure they understand why these things work so they can make informed decisions on their technological usage. Feel to reach out via the email at the bottom of the page or my Mastodon account.