As you might have seen if you follow my Mastodon account, I recently got into homebrewing kombucha, with a small kit so kindly gifted to me for Christmas this past year. As of today the first batch has finished main fermentation! Now I am just letting it carbonate by sitting at room temperature for a few days and then boom, my very own kombucha. If you are not nearly as hipster/organic as me you may be asking, what even is kombucha? Well I’d be glad to tell you.

What is kombucha?

Kombucha in the modern usage of the term refers to a lightly fermented black tea. This fermentation process is done with a special yeast and bacteria culture referred to as a scoby. Nowadays with the wonder of online marketplaces, and a great mail system, you can receive them in the mail just like I did. Scoby.jpg

To create kombucha you simply brew some black tea, insert sugar and the scoby and let it sit out for a week or two. I chose two weeks myself so the sugar would be more fermented making the drink less calorie dense. Notably the fermentation process only yields about 0.5% alchohol by volume so it’s safe to drink during working hours. This fermentation process grows the scoby and leaves behind microorganisms which supposedly help your gut bacteria. Scientific trials are still underway however, so its not proven just yet. But like many others I have noticed a change in my digestion after consumption so I am personally a fan. And hey, soon enough I’ll be able to try my own assortment. For now I’ll leave you with the family photo and update when I can finally drink it. BottledBucha.jpg