LoRa Project

I’m Back

Been a while huh? To be honest school is kind of kicking my butt, as I have an 18 credit semester, so a lot of my focus has been on that recently. This means I’ve also been kinda sad and stressed being so bogged down with work. So to get myself out of that slump I decided I need a project. And well here we are.

What is my project

After reading this blog post by Pine64 I noticed they talked about something called LoRa which I had never heard of. Being my curious self I decided to see what it was. After browsing their wikipedia being thoroughly intrigued, I decided to check if my favorite online maker store, Adafruit, had any LoRa devices. Lo and behold they had quite a few, so I got to brainstorming. I decided what I wanted to do was make a LoRa client and server. The client, a LoRa capable arduino board, would grab and process data from a temperature and humidity sensor and send it to the server, a Raspberry Pi with LoRa bonnet.

What I got

So far I managed to get everything up and running how I want. The client has all parts attached with full packet transmission and a nice UI. The server was also super easy with me just recently adding a UI to the OLED on the bonnet. All my code can be found on the Gitlab repo.

What next?

Well I want to implement a retry mechanism on the client as a psuedo-TCP like system. Additionally, I’m looking into taking the csv file the server creates and displaying it on a locally hosted webserver. I want to make the listener script start on boot. And maybe even a full install guide with automated scripts for the Raspberry Pi part. But for now I’m happy with what I got.