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So if you’re here you know that I like two things, computers and farming. Did you know I like things other than that? The main one for me being music. I myself am a singer, having been formally in choir since elementary school and even performing in an honors choir for the American Choral Directors Association. To say I love music would be an understatement, as I don’t believe I could live without it. I mentioned in yesterday’s post about how I almost always have something playing in the background, so much so I made a virtual desktop just for that. And nine times out of ten what’s playing is music. So I decided to share my music with everyone.

Fair warning. My music taste is real weird. I often prefer to listen to more indie artists, mostly because they make music in the obscure genres I like. For example a good portion of my music library is classified as “dark ambient”. A genre most well known for being spooky, yet most albums aim to tell a story through their low drones and field recording. Like Flowers for Bodysnatchers’ Alive with Scars, an album meant to express the artists personal struggle living with multiple sclerosis. But today I’m going to be talking about something a bit more upbeat. Prom King by Skylar Spence.


Skylar Spence is the alias of musician Ryan DeRobertis. Ryan first got recognition in 2013 with his many vaporwave albums, then going by the name Saint Pepsi. His major hits of this time period were Private Caller, Enjoy Yourself, and of course Cherry Pepsi. After some legal trouble over the name Saint Pepsi, and some urge to make more original music he released Prom King in 2015, this time under the name Skylar Spence.

Prom King

If you would rather listen first and read later here’s a link to the album on YouTube or Bandcamp. If you’re all set I’ll talk about my personal favorite tracks.

Can’t You See

One of the most energetic pieces on the album. Can’t You See serves as a song of self reflection. Whether it be dealing with depression or past musical endeavors with the lyrics,

I was working, tried my hardest
Slowed some music down and called myself an artist

Despite the somewhat depressing subject the actual song has a raw partying energy, like when Ryan sings,

In the heat of the moment, I thought that I could kiss myself.

10/10 would sing too loudly in the car.

I Can’t Be Your Superman

Honestly, when I first heard the album and for sometime after, I wasn’t a huge fan of this song. As time has gone on, I’ve developed a soft spot for it. In essence, the song is about dealing with a person who is often too reliant on others to solve their problems and how that affects the person they’re relying on. It provides a bleakly honest commentary on how the subject needs to get their shit together. However, like many of Ryan’s songs the backing music is full of energy and upbeat rhythms, providing a weird, but fitting contrast.

Fall Harder

It’s the love song on the album. Nostalgic guitar riffs punctuate the outpouring of love in the lyrics. A reminder of cool summer nights spent with that special someone. I honestly don’t have much commentary besides, if you’re in the honeymoon phase of a relationship, this song should be your anthem.


Affairs is the song on this album most like Ryan’s previous work as Saint Pepsi. A synthy groove about heartbreak and failed relationships. Affairs in this sense referring to the subjects cheating on the artist and his struggle to accept it and move on. My favorite illustration of this being the dual lyrics of,

He's holding on with the grip of a titan
And she has made up her mind


He's holding on by the tips of his fingers
She says she needs more space