Ideas but no skill

So I’ve been running into a problem a lot in my life and also today. I have a lot of ideas for projects and things I want to do but I feel as though I lack the skills to actually execute them. For example today while binging Crime Pays But Botany Doesn’t I had an idea to create a FOSS app for plant identification. After some research I found a great looking API called Trefle as it is FOSS friendly and has ability for crowd sourcing. But, that’s where the trouble starts. I’m not a programmer. Sure I can do basic Python, Bash, and C++ for Arduino but it’s just that, basic. Wanting to use C++ and libcurl I started testing things out. I even got basic API fetching working but the moment I wanted to actually do anything with that data I was lost. I couldn’t even figure out how to use libcurl to output it to a variable. Being used to the simplicity of socket in Python it was kind of overwhelming. Not to even mention UI which I have zero experience with.

This ain’t the first time

Seriously I can’t count how many ideas I have that I know will never come to fruition by just my hands. For example, I’ve been wanting to make a farmer friendly Linux distribution to create an easy to use FOSS platform for some of the least technological people out there. But I barely even know how to compile packages from source, and sure I’ve installed Arch but it wasn’t good. Or how about just any life plans I have. I want to live in a community with friends, hopefully making a local food forest to help the larger community around. But in this economy? At the current prices I wouldn’t be able to even afford a house with a ¼ acre until I’m in my late 30s, provided the economy doesn’t have another “once in a lifetime” crash, for what would be the third time in my short 22 years of life. Things just feel so hopeless a lot of the time.

I mean it ain’t all bad

As much as I complain I still have a better future than many people my age. I managed to get through college with only $5k in loans while my friends have around 10 times as much. I can still code some things like my LoRa Project, along with a few scripts for my personal computer usage. I’m also a fairly decent farmer, or so I’ve been told, as it’s hard to not compare myself to my formally educated colleagues. And well, I’ve made it this far. That’s more than a lot of the people in my generation who left us already. So who knows, maybe once my education is done I can find the time and motivation to learn how to do these ideas I have. Or maybe not, there’s really only one way to find out.