The Start of Something

Well I finally figured out jekyll so I guess here is my first post! Its been a fun little adventure from receiving my server parts, assembling it, setting up a hypervisor, networking, domain registration, so on and so on. I think its now the time to finally make this site public.

What next?

I have a few plans for this site as of right now. First and foremost I want it to be a personal blog, just a place where I can share my thoughts on anything really. If all goes well I will be taking up the 100DaysToOffload challenge created by the wonderful Kev Quirk. But as of right now I’m still learning html, markdown, and jekyll as I’m not used to being the frontend guy.

Here’s the TODO list

This list is mostly for me but having it be public adds some accountability * HTTPS * Different Themes * General Jekyll Learning * Optimizing Post Workflow