What future




My original intention for today’s post was to be about my favorite garbage movie series. However, I must have woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning because that was not the headspace I was in. No, today was a day of doomscrolling and depression for me. For some reason my thoughts were ravaged with our harsh reality. The inevitability of humanities handcrafted demise. Ecological collapse. And no matter what I did to try and cheer myself up, I just couldn’t.

Climate Change

In my short 5 years working on an organic farm in New England I have come to love my beautiful state and the amazing plants that keep the world alive. But it also causes me utter pain. I see these wonders of nature. The generations of human ingenuity. Dying. I watch as the weather becomes more chaotic and pollinators rarer to see. I see the hopelessness in the eyes of my coworkers. It hurts. The owner of the humble acres we work grows weary; as his age passes farther from when he should have retired. His frustrations increasing, as his only source of income is destroyed by factors out of his control. The increase in crop disease, plant destroying pests, and lower yields are all a direct cause of our changing climate.

It’s gotten so bad that scientists are warning of mass extinction due to all this, and yet people still ignore it. The Antarctic becomes more unstable as years pass. Hell, our oceans absorbed the energy of 10 Hirsohimas, every second, in 2020.

When I look at this all any hope I ever had for a “normal” life is wiped away. It is quite literally unfathomable how screwed we are. Meanwhile, the out of touch elite who also happens to own the most farmland of any person, has quite literally proposed the main plot device of Snowpiercer as a solution to climate change.

We’re boned.

Not Just The Climate

While climate change is certainly one of my main concerns, as I am agriculturally involved, it is by no means the only one. Economics comes to the forefront. While the workers of the world lost $3.7 Trillion in 2020; billionaires made $3.9 Trillion in the same year. Odd coincidence that. In fact the pandemic has been so bad that job losses are four time worse than in the 2009 financial crisis. And this class divide has not gone unnoticed by the U.S. Military.

Covid is also still a very real problem. Yet whether it be burnout or conspiracy theory, people don’t seem to care. In fact, it has gotten so bad that it’s caused the largest drop of life expectancy in the US in 40 years. Yet countries have blocked bids to ban Covid vaccine patents.

Whats Next?

Frankly, its impossible to predict at this point, although it is unlikely to be any sort of movie apocalypse. Nope, collapse will be slow, almost imperceptible on a human time scale. Yet, everything keeps happening sooner than expected.

So what do I intend to do in the next 60 years before we destroy all of our topsoil? Well for one, like many others of my generation, Z, and my sister’s, Millennials, I will not be having kids. And just hoping I can find some land to call my own in my life.

But despite the utter hopelessness of it all I’ll keep myself alive. I’ve managed to sustain my will to live on a sense of spite, to show the world I can at least try and live a fulfilling life. Unfortunately, the same can not be said of my generation. I weep for my generational siblings, yet I can feel only empathy for them. I grew up hoping I could change the world for the better. But unlike the atom, my power cannot be multiplied by splitting me. I can only help those whom are close to me, and hope that some may show me the same kindness I want to offer them.